I am passionate and have a genuine love for my work. I am continually inspired to work with parents and children to help them succeed and feel empowered. I think outside of the box, am able to look through the child's eyes, piece together the steps, and modifications needed to fully support your child. My foundation lies on promoting optimal parenting styles and positive outcome parent-child interactions. I am your child's biggest cheerleader! I specialize in working with children with ADHD, ADD, Autism, Sensory Processing, Anxiety as well as children un-diagnosed displaying challenges.



Amanda L Houle, founder and creator of Sky Blue Learning. Sky Blue Learning was founded in 2014.


After moving back to New England she saw the great demand for behavioral services. Not only did she want to continue helping families but immediately noticed that preschools specifically did not have the resources to help children who were displaying behavioral challenges and instead had to kick them out. Knowing that with support ALL children have the potential to change and be active contributors in the classroom and in mainstream society.


She has been working with kiddos and their families for close to 12 years. After a few short years graduating with a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University she hailed to Brooklyn, NY. Amanda graduated from Touro College with a Dual Masters Degree in General and Elementary Special Education with a specialization in Early Childhood. While in grad school Amanda worked privately, after graduating, and attaining her teaching license she began working as a Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) pushing into general education preschool settings. It was a contracted position through state agencies providing services to children ages 3-5 years old who qualified for services displaying 30% or below in 2/5 developmental domains always struggling with social emotional difficulties. Her work also consisted of collaborating with all team members, attending IEP meetings, writing IEP'S, and conducting developmental assessments to determine if they qualified for services. Working privately, contracted, and both in the homes and schools.


She has seen firsthand the trans-formative results from hands on support. If your kiddo is between the ages of 1-16 years old Amanda is your gal.  She is also a licensed teacher in NH.


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