In-Home Behavior Therapy with Amanda Houle


Get from wake-up to drop-off to bedtime without ever raising your voice.


Building Confidence & Creating Change

Imagine your life if you never again had to…

  • Threaten, “If you don’t get up for school right now, you’re losing your iPad”

  • Beg your kid to please, please, for the last time, please get dressed

  • Yell, “Stop hitting your little sister! That is NOT OK”

  • Have your whole evening derailed by homework that still hasn’t gotten done

  • Feel like a short-order cook, catering to a picky eater

  • Wonder if you’ve created a monster


It’s totally doable.

No matter how many meltdowns and showdowns you have in your home right now.

No matter how much you want to tear your hair out, and how set-in-stone your child’s “strong-willed” personality might seem.

Great news: Behavior can ALWAYS. BE. CHANGED.

I know, because it’s what I do.

I’ll help -- right in your home. (Anywhere in the Greater Boston Area)


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I’ll come to your home and work with your family to revamp how things work.

People call me “The Behavioral Nanny.” I’m not a nanny, but I am your hands on support on the battle field.


Personalized parent strategist packages 3, and 6 month programs. Inquire within!